Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Changing Perspectives Vol. 4

Once upon a time there were 2 girls, who decided to embark on a photographic journey. Not the kind of Journey with Dragons and Bad Guys, rather the kind of journey that requires them to take 1 photo everyday for a whole year. Thats 365 photos. A challenge? Perhaps, But these girls decided to take it on together, everything is better in pairs right? The rules are simple. 1 Photo every day for 365 days. Starting July 1st 2010 and ending July 1st 2011. They thought they would share their little project on their blogs. A little gallery of sorts. So this is it. A year of photographs. Are you ready to see what their worlds look like through a lens?

Week Four.
22.07.10 - 28.07.10

I cant believe that its thursday already! This week has gone so fast! I get excited on thursday mornings because I get to see the week of photos that Jess and I have done. This might sound a little bit weird, but I feel like we are totally connected in this! Like on the 22nd, both of our images are super red! On the 25th we both have alcoholic beverages, and on the 26th Coffee and Chocolate! I mean what goes together better. Its been really good to get the first 4 weeks done! Only 48 to go!

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  1. It certainly seems like we are in the same headspace a lot of days :)

  2. this is turning out great!!!!

  3. Awww I really love seeing both your photos, and how cool how similar some are hey! I am pretty sure I am going to start my own photo challenge one of these days :)

  4. I think this is an amazing challenge! Loved seeing both of your photos. :)

  5. What a great challenge! Lovely photos so far, look forward to seeing the rest over the coming year. How cool and strange that you had similar shots - should make an interesting next 48 weeks to see how many times it will happen :)

  6. love all the pictures! Thanks so much for your kind words- you don't know how much those mean! (well, you probably do :))

    you should enter my giveaway!

    xoxox love, polly :D

  7. i love this project that you guys do :)