Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Changing Perspectives Vol. 5

Once upon a time there were 2 girls, who decided to embark on a photographic journey. Not the kind of Journey with Dragons and Bad Guys, rather the kind of journey that requires them to take 1 photo everyday for a whole year. Thats 365 photos. A challenge? Perhaps, But these girls decided to take it on together, everything is better in pairs right? The rules are simple. 1 Photo every day for 365 days. Starting July 1st 2010 and ending July 1st 2011. They thought they would share their little project on their blogs. A little gallery of sorts. So this is it. A year of photographs. Are you ready to see what their worlds look like through a lens?

Week Five.
29.07.10 - 04.08.10

IM BAAAAAAAAAACK! I know I know, I have been a terribly neglectful blogger over the last 6 days! I went on a little trip to Auckland and I had planned to blog there because I knew I had internet access... except, well, I just got busy doing things and seeing people and hanging out, so I didnt end up having much time on the computer at all! I have lots of exciting news however, and will be sharing that all with you soon, and of course, posting some of the debauchary that was partaken in while I was away! So kiddies, you can expect a bit of a blog bombardment, after the drought of the last few days!

Oh! I almost forgot. We are going to take a little break on the changing perspectives post for a week. The lovely lovely Jess is running away to the sun, sand and cocktail haven that is Rarotonga for a few days {im not jealous at all...}, so we thought rather than worrying about getting all the uploading and things done while she is away, we will just have a MEGA changing perspectives on the 19th of August for you. So never fear when you dont see a post next week! It will be back... we promise! Now, time for me to get a cup of tea and catch up on your blogs! Ive missed you bunches.


  1. thank you very much for your comment! Yes, I am out in the middle of no where! Hahaha, but I enjoy the cornfields.. it's just me and my thoughts. It's rather nice. I am following, now.. reutrn the favor? :)

    love, polly

  2. I love these! Especially the naan and Indian food--YUM!!!!!