Thursday, August 5, 2010


Im up to something. Well maybe, I should say, I am working on something! {Sounds a little less mischevious I think} and well, I need your help! Right now, I have about 20 ideas in my mind, but im hoping that that they will start to come to life. Im such a sucker for a project! And I keep thinking of things that I could do, so the list just keeps getting longer and longer. And so I thought, Why not get my blogging buddies involved in a couple of things that I have in my head! I know ya'll are super talented... so lets see what we can get a rolling huh?

The first thing I am after here... is a photo... of... YOU! mmhmm! You read it right! I want you to be the star of my project...sounds good right? Okay well here are the specifics...
  1. Hi res photo....the bigger the better!
  2. Photo including 1 or 2 people... Sitting, standing, running?! Anything you like!
  3. Plain background needed. Preferrably white, but any light colouring would be okay
  4. The more background space the better... but its really up to you!
  5. Please no "myspace" style photos...
Keen?! Oh I hope that you are! Email me at shewaitsforwhispers{at}ymail{dot}com or leave your interest with a contact email address in the comment section! Woot.

The second thing {and much more cheeky request} is... do you have any old band shirts laying around that you dont wear/use/like/want anymore... well... im working on something rather ambitious, and I need as many band shirts as I can get. Now I know, sending things in the post to New Zealand includes $$ and so does parting with your shirts... so of course, I would love to trade with you. Im going to have my etsy store open soon and would love to send you some of my art, or some stationery or perhaps even a little goodie bag full of various bits and pieces... I suppose you could say, this is like a goodie swap! haha. Anyway! Flick me an email at the above address, or leave me a comment with your email in it and we can maybe work something out? I think it might be fun?

I think that might be all for now. Im back to working 7 days a week - so I probably shouldnt over exude myself in the creativity department... although, it is just so fun!

P.S If you wanna tell your friends... I think that might be rad.


  1. Ok, so I am totally curious! As soon as I get home from my workshop I will send you a pic!

  2. so, wait... you need a white background? I don't think I can provide that :( hahaha myspace photos are the best to laugh at!

    my giveaway closes at 12PM tonight!! You should enter if you haven't had the chance!


    love, polly

    love, polly

  3. I have the perfect photo but the bg is black :( Hmph. Totally won't work :D Will fish around for some photos in my stash to send you.

    I have a Coldplay shirt that I probs won't wear again as it's getting all stretched out in the neck and it clings weird in places. Count me in! I looove stationary, and the kinds of goodies you send! Did you see me wearing the necklace I won? It was perfect for my ball!

  4. do the band shirts have to be in good condition? haha, a lot of mine are pretty hole-y from being worn for 5 or so years.

  5. Hi, hope it's OK to contact you here. We would love to include your blog on our giveaway search engine: Giveaway Scout ( Have a look and if interested, use our online form to add your blog ( ). thanks, Josh

  6. interesting! i'll look for a pic..but i don't have any band tshirts :(

  7. AWESOME!!! you can count me in!!!! :)

    oh and max has some old band shirts laying around... i'll def. have a looksie!! :)

    i'll let you know what i find and can send your way!


  8. ohhh this makes me so happy! i have a ridiculous draw full of band shirts that i never wear but are weirdly sentimental, in saying that i could definitely spare a few to a lovely lady such as yourself, will email xx