Monday, August 30, 2010

Make Me A Mixtape Vol.6

Tell it to the Marines are 5 boys from a place called Suffolk, United Kingdom with big dreams and an even bigger future ahead of them. With a fun and catchy sound this atmospheric rock band has alot in store for future, including currently recording their debut album while drinking beer and eating pot noodles while on tour.

To celebrate the return of Make Me A Mix Tape Timi (vocals) and John (guitar) both stop in for a double mixtape! Hope you love it!

Opening Track - You're Theme Song

Timi - Head Rolls Off - Frightened Rabbit. Frightened Rabbit are one of these bands who just seem to write lyrics which sum up everything about my life - this song in particular contains some of my favourite lyrics.

John: Me vs Maradona vs Elvis - Brand New. Brand New are just one of those bands that you can always come back to and listen to their albums in full each time. They are incredible on record and even better live which is refreshing! The album this song is off - Deja Entendu, really changed the way I listened to and wrote music and it will always be one of my favourite albums.

First album you owned
T: Parklife - Blur. I creeped into my Brothers room when i was about 11 & sneaked out that CD & Travis' - Invisible band album. I didn't stop listening to them in our rubbish little CD player that was in my Mum's bedroom.

J: Say It Aint So - Weezer This song had the formula of loud-quiet-loud that I was used to from listening to Nirvana and it had this huge chorus that just hit you so hard.. I can still listen to the blue album from start to finish today without getting bored.

Best Duet
T: Stan - Dido & Eminem. I love both artists ridiculous amounts. I remember hearing 'Stan', falling in love with Dido's voice & being blown away by Eminem's lyrics. Everybody needs to have Eminem in there lives - he's second to none lyrically & his style is so unique.
J: I honestly think that Timi has already listed the only duet worth mentioning.

Karaoke song
T: The Smiths, Anything by The Smiths, they have that on karaoke machines right? Reason being, well, Morrissey is an absolute genius. As a frontman, i'm still yet to find out how the hell he writes lyrics so good. It'd undoubtedly come complete with me throwing around a bunch of flowers with my shirt undone.
180 By Summer - Taking Back Sunday Whenever i'm at a party with my friends we always seem to end up either singing along to Killing In The Name Of by Rage Against The Machine or Nothing Else Matters by Metallica, god knows why! But i'd probably choose 180 By Summer by Taking Back Sunday, mainly because i'd just love to be Adam Lazzara.. If I could have just half the talents and looks of Adam Lazzara I would be very happy!

Love song
T: Crush'd -
Say Anything. Max Bemis is a brilliant lyricist & sums up that realisation of finding that 'perfect girl', which is a feeling i'm very familiar with. It's very tounge in cheek, but so relatable - which is what Bemis is best at. It's so raw and honest, i just love it.
J: First Day Of My Life - Bright Eyes. This is an incredible song, and I personally think that Conor Oberst writes the best love songs. It's rare that a song is written about love without a negative tinge on it and this is one of those rarities. I often play this album on my ipod when we're driving to a show in the van and I want to sleep away the journey, it always relaxes me.

Therapist in a song
Buffalo Gals - Everytime i Die.For some reason, this song always gets me pumped up & motivated. Actually, saying that, any ETID song gets me pumped. Musically they are fucking insane & this song in particular is one of my main 'party songs'

J: This Very Moment - Set Your Goals is a song that really motivates me is. It's a really positive song that always cheers me up and gets me going.

High School Hit
Work - Jimmy Eat World I think the music video does add to it, being in a high school and all but I was huge on Jimmy Eat World when i was about to get out of high school & move on to other parts of my life

J: You Know Who's Seatbelt - The Bled. I was about 13 at the time and used to wear a Bled hoody to school every day which was about 10 sizes too big for me, infact I don't even think it fits me now! I used to walk through the corridors an hour late everyday listening to this song on my shitty mp3 player and at the time it was probably the heaviest thing i'd heard.

Guilty Pleasure
T: Dido or Lily Allen. I personally don't find either of them guilty pleasures, but every time i mention either one, someone says something mean. That kind of stuff is my 'listen to on trains' music.
N-dubz and Jason Derulo. I listen to a lot of modern pop music. The music that they make is actually really good and if you ignore the over-used autotune and all the dollar-flashing it's actually really enjoyable! Another guilty pleasure of mine would be Cyndi Lauper, her songs are literally incredible and even the stuff she puts out now isn't too bad.\

Song that will Always give you Goosebumps
Play crack the sky - Brand New. They played it live when I saw them & it was the most incredible thing i have ever seen. Lacey's voice is one of these distinct voices which can just give you goosebumps very easily.
J: Untitled #1 (Vaka) - Sigur Ros. The song is about 7 minutes long and uses the bands own language 'hopelandic', which means you are totally taken over by the music without any distractions. There is an acoustic version of this song on youtube filmed in between some mountains in
Iceland in which you can literally hear the wind blowing around them, it's very moving and it gives me goosebumps everytime.

Closing Track- The old faithful
T. Human Punk -
Miss Black America. Miss Black America were from our area & made quite a name for themselves a good 10 years ago. If it wasn't for them, none of the Tell it to the Marines would be playing music. When i saw them live, i had never seen anything like it - and from a local band, that is rare. They got named Rollings stones album of the year 2002. I remember seeing the frontman Seymour in a local record shop and being totally winded from the shock. He was a complete idol for me, the reason i picked up my guitar and sang.

J: Closer - Protect The Target. They're a very under-rated local band and very good friends of mine. This song really sums up the past 12 months for me, because everytime Protect The Target play a hometown show, all my best friends and I go down and have the most amazing time. We get drunk, stage dive, grab microphones and just generally ruin venues! You should check them out.

Ya'll should go and check these boys out! And if you are lucky enough to be in the United Kingdom check out their myspace four tour dates near you! Oh yeah and for a free download of the Tell It To the Marines EP Bridges click here. Go on! you will love it I bet!


  1. Just when I think there's no way to adore your blog any more... :)

  2. I love Stan. My fave Eminem song and duet ever too! Gonna have to check out the rest of their recommendations :)

  3. I love This is The First Day of My Life,