Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Changing Perspectives Vol. 8 & 9

Once upon a time there were 2 girls, who decided to embark on a photographic journey. Not the kind of Journey with Dragons and Bad Guys, rather the kind of journey that requires them to take 1 photo everyday for a whole year. Thats 365 photos. A challenge? Perhaps, But these girls decided to take it on together, everything is better in pairs right? The rules are simple. 1 Photo every day for 365 days. Starting July 1st 2010 and ending July 1st 2011. They thought they would share their little project on their blogs. A little gallery of sorts. So this is it. A year of photographs. Are you ready to see what their worlds look like through a lens?

Week Eight.
19.08.10 - 25.08.10

Week Nine.
26.08.10 - 01.09.10

Hopefully next week we will be back to weekly installments, hoping that all technology and everything goes with us rather than against us. I was lucky enough this morning to have a little photo shoot with a very adorable little baby boy and his mummy and daddy. So hopefully there will be pictures of that to share soon. Only 16 more sleeps till I move, which is a little scary seeings as I have so much to organise! Ah well, Hopefully it all falls into place and things go according to plan! If you have any moving tips...chuck em my way! Goodness knows I could do with the help!


  1. I really like your photo from the 21st, where did you take that?

  2. i guess the whole photoswap thing fell apart? i never received any photos. the girl that received mine only contacted me a couple of days ago.

  3. Love that you two are getting more creative with your photography. Good luck for the move Tillie