Sunday, February 13, 2011

This ones for you

I don't really have an opinion on Valentines day. I can take it, or I can leave it. In the past I have been in relationships on Valentines, and well, of course it is nice to get flowers, or wine, or other special little gifts, but I guess the old fashioned part of me feels like its a little superficial. I mean, Isn't it more fun to come home to a surprise on the 5th of April, or the 17th of October.. Just because? I dunno, maybe I am just feeling a bit bitter because its the first time in my grown up life {I totally don't count high school valentines haha!} that I haven't been 'seeing' someone on Valentines {even though clearly those relationships didn't last haha}

So this one, this one is for you.
This is for the single ladies, the broken ladies, the ladies who are sick and tired of being alone. This one is for the hurt, and the scared. This one is for the vulnerable. This one is for the girls who love the boys they can never have. This is for the ones who have never been in love, and are afraid they never will. This one here, this is for you, the girl that sits and waits for him to call, the girl that watches but doesn't act, the girl in the background. This one is for the girls who have been told to change, or choose, or both. This one is for the times that you wanted more than anything to scream from the rooftops but held it in because it was the 'right' thing to do. This one, this one is for the regrets, the moments passed. This one is for the friends lost, and the friends found. This one is for the lovers. This one is for the tears and the laughter. This one is for the raw emotion, the heartache and the overwhelming sense of love. This one is for every time you wondered 'what if'. This one is for you.

Because you are beautiful, wonderful and quite simply perfect just the way you are. Happy Valentines day beauties. And if you didn't get anything on this silly hallmark holiday... Know this.
That this one, is just for you.


  1. I absolutely adore this post, and I adore you for writing it. Hope you don't mind, but I've tweeted the link.

    You are one wonderful lady.

  2. You're so sweet. :) I'm single this year and I still love Valentine's day . . . friends, pink, chocolate, wine, candy? All good things. My girls and I have a sleepover every year--this year we're doing it on Saturday the 19th and I can't wait. Hope your day is special, Tillie!

  3. Sometimes the beginning single part isn't so bad. There were chocolates and a rose on my desk at work this morning and I have no idea who put them there :D
    This is really sweet though! And even better than v-day you had your first day of school!
    And I know cp photos...they will be up tonight :)

  4. I have a valentine, but can I still have it? Because it's beautiful.

  5. Hey Tillie! I am nominating you for the Stylish Blogger Award! Your blog is beautiful and always inspires me!