Monday, February 7, 2011

A vent, and A first.

I haven't even been anywhere, and yet, I have been oh so absent from thee blog. Maybe its because Ive been a little stressed, A little uninspired. I don't want this place to become somewhere that I just put things for the sake of it. I don't want it to be a place where I just dump sad/angry words because its an easy option {although I do love the ability to vent here... dont get me wrong}. I have an update of changing perspectives to post soon, but I didnt want to just put that up and not write anything else.. I want this blog to spring to life again, and Im hoping that once I start school {yip! its finally here...6 days and I'm officially a student again} that I will have a bit more inspiration, a few more stories, and a little more drive to keep my little corner of the web updated a little more regularly. {either that or ill be so busy you may never see me again...}

So I've seen around lately a few blog challenges. And some of them {I'm not ganna lie} seem a little boring or maybe just a little tedious, but I think I have found a little one that I quite like the look of, and well the bits that I dont like, Im just going to opt out and make up a few of my own. That way, I get to share a bunch of awesome things with you that I love, and I also get to keep the inspiration and mood of the blog on the up and up. So thats right kiddies. Its 30days, and its 30 posts. Now, Im not going to say that I will do it every day, because some days things just get to busy. But there will be 30 posts in 30 days. Maybe just a couple of double ups perhaps even a couple of triple ups {I know you will forgive me.}

So here we go. Bottoms Up. Ready. Steady. Go.

Day One.
A photo of you, and 10 facts.

Taken by my flatmates 3 year old son. Some reason... I like it.

1. I am a big fan of TV on DVD. Boxset Marathons pretty much rule.
2. I think more people should wear red lipstick. Its my favourite.
3. Chai Latte is my standard order.
4. Whiskey is my poison.
5. One of my best friends got engaged recently, and she asked me to be her bridesmaid. I'm pretty darn excited.
6. I like to make things. Cross stitch, Jewelery, cards, brooches, journals, mail art. You name it, I probably have made it, or want to.
7. I already have one degree, and I'm about to start my second tertiary endeavor in 6 days! I'm excited.
8. I'm addicted to the instagram app on my iPhone.
9. I like to change my hair colour regularly, and I think I might just be getting bored of the blonde... Uh oh!
10. I have the most amazing friends and I love that they've become my family. I would do anything for them, and I know they would do anything for me. I'm pretty much the luckiest girl alive.



  1. I love this challenge! A picture AND ten facts! Looking forward to seeing the rest of the prompts and your answers . . . so cute :)

  2. Gah, I want your hair. In the process of going blonde and it sucks mighty balls. Don't change it! It looks super good!



    and boxed dvd marathons... YES!!! i remember going to the shop at midnight to pick up SATC and staying up all night watching it with girlfriends and my momma. FABULOUS!

    random facts are my favorite. YOU are my favorite!

  5. lovely picture :)

    i also LOVE tv on DVD! i dont often watch episodes when they are on TV cos i know i can just get the DVD later... its just something about being able to watch them all in a row!