Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Changing Perspectives Vol. 10

Once upon a time there were 2 girls, who decided to embark on a photographic journey. Not the kind of Journey with Dragons and Bad Guys, rather the kind of journey that requires them to take 1 photo everyday for a whole year. Thats 365 photos. A challenge? Perhaps, But these girls decided to take it on together, everything is better in pairs right? The rules are simple. 1 Photo every day for 365 days. Starting July 1st 2010 and ending July 1st 2011. They thought they would share their little project on their blogs. A little gallery of sorts. So this is it. A year of photographs. Are you ready to see what their worlds look like through a lens?

Week Ten.
02.09.10 - 08.09.10

Another week, another installment. And can I just ask... do Jess' photos this week make anyone else hungry? YUM! Things are pretty stressful here! I have two days until the big craft market, although things are suprisingly sorted as far as that goes! And now there is only 9 days till the big move! eek! I have definitely started packing, oh there are boxes are everywhere...But soon enough ill be all moved and I will stop complaining... I promise.


  1. Haha being stuck at home sick means there is not much to take photos of! Food is my last resort lol.