Monday, September 6, 2010

Introducing Mason Phoenix

I'm so excited to share this post with y'all {and I know Rachael is so excited to see this post! hehe} Just over three weeks ago now my dear darling friend {read practically sister} gave birth to her beautiful baby boy Mason. Not only was I lucky enough to meet the little man only hours after he was born, I was also lucky enough to photograph Rach while she was pregnant with him! So, exactly 3 weeks to the day, after the little man took his first breaths Rachael, Josh, Mason and I got together for a little photoshoot. Heres a sneak peak... I hope you love it!

He is such a precious little man, I truely do adore him. Rach, you and Josh are doing such an amazing job, and you my darling, are such a good mummy! Keep showering your beautiful boy in love and adoration, because he is truely the most precious thing on this earth. I hope that you love these photos, and I cant wait to do it all abgain in a few months time when I come home to visit you all!

And of course, I couldnt resist getting in on the action either! Cheese!


  1. "Awwww."

    Mason already melted my heart, and I've only seen a few pictures of the wee little guy! Congradulations to your friend! :)

  2. first of all, you are so talented. i wish one day you could photograph my future fam.

    and ps - thank you for being so awesome and sending a little something to my father! his heart will jump for joy.

  3. holy cute!!! i love the last pictures - they are so precious!

  4. oh that's so so cute!! beautiful baby!

  5. how beautiful! makes me want a baby...someday!

  6. He is beautiful. I love the one of his little potbelly.