Sunday, September 5, 2010

Spring Forward

Oh Hello Spring! Its so nice to see you! The weather is sorta all over the place here at the moment, its sunny one minute, and then pouring down with rain and thunder and lightning the next. Its a bit crazy, but hopefully the sunny spells will become longer and everything else will slowly but surely fade into the memory of winter.

It was such a nice day on Sunday so Rosie and I decided to have a little bit of an impromtu adventure... we started off by playing a little bit of golf {mini putt so counts!} grabbed a bite to eat at a new pub on Jackson Street and finished it all off with a stroll on the beach and a sneaky icecream. Then we went home, got a little bit dolled up and meet our gorgeous friend Anna-Maria for the 3 ds. Dinner, drinks, and most importantly dancing.

It was really nice to just unwind and hang out with the girls, its been the first weekend I have had off in Wellington in a long while, what with the recent 2 jobs, 7 day working week fiasco I somehow managed to talk myself into! Ive only got one more weekend here in Wellington, which is going to be filled up with selling at our biggest yearly craft market on Saturday and then working with an amazing couple for a photoshoot on Sunday. Then the Saturday following that... Im driving to my new home. Eeeek! How exciting. In packing news... Its going alright, I have managed to sort the first lot of boxes, and my new bed arrived at my new house last night too! So thats kinda exciting! Actually... its very exciting! Cant wait to decorate my new room and start my new adventure!

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  1. i LOVE mini golf - how fun :) can't wait to see your photo shoot pics!