Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Its been so LONG!

Oh goodness, I am terrible. Its been such a long while since I have had the chance to write. There is so much going on, I just dont even really know where to start! Packing has taken over my life haha. Sorting things out {or rather, deciding what not to keep!} has become a nightly ritual for me. And my room is becoming more and more empty of my stuff, and more and more full of boxes and suitcases. I have to finish packing my wardrobe tonight... and pack up my dresser and then, im pretty much done. Holy Moly! Its getting so close! My soon to be flatmate messaged me this morning and told me it was approximately 60 hours until I will arrive in our house. Oh that makes me excited I tell you! Although, im not looking forward to the long drive to get up there. Its probably the best part of 9 hours, {maybe more if you count in the stops for food and the bathroom! hah} and apparently there is a giant storm coming in over New Zealand for the next three days. NOT KEEN! Oh well, slow and steady wins the race. Its time for a new start... and there is no point in rushing to it. Because it will be there, no matter what time I arrive in.

Im also going to try and become a bit better at this whole, recording thing when I move. Im going to start up my postal service blogs again, and maybe even introduce a couple of new features... who knows what is around the corner! Hopefully some new and exciting experiences and adventures... that I can be sure of.

In the mean time... I just wanted to show you something... I thought, well New City, New Direction... why not have a new hair do as well! So, I took the plunge, and after a few attempts with the bleach, the toner, and a few other colours too, I would like to introduce to you my new hair... its rather.. well... blonde.

excuse the crappy cell phone quality picture, but its all I had on me at the time, so, it will do, for now. hehe. A new start. A fresh direction.


  1. Love you Blonde!! Did you do that yourself? You have done a good job I could never bleach my own hair. Goodluck with the move x

  2. LURVE the blonde!!! and you!

    i've missed you sweet cheeks! xoxo

  3. i like you blonde! :) and I can definitely empathise with the packing fiasco, I'm having the same problem now! 60 hours?! How exciting! :) x

  4. Love it!! Best wishes on the move... can't wait to get your package to you in your new casa!! xoxo

  5. Eek, so close till you get there, and I'm sure the getting there will be a great part of the adventure!
    I posted Frankie to your new addy today, so expect it next thursday-ish.
    I love your new hair - very nice! :) xx