Thursday, September 9, 2010

A Helping Hand

Every now and then you meet someone, or read something, and it effects you. It makes you take a step back and evaluate your life, or perhaps your contribution to someone elses life. I have lots of people like that in my life, and recently, Ive been lucky enough to stumble across another little situation, that not only has made me think about things a little differently, but has made me smile.

Im sure most of you already know the lovely Summer B over at B is for Brown, Breathe & Believe and if you dont, well you should probably head over there now anyway because her blog is just the sweetest. Earlier this year, Summer's daddy Butch was diagnosed with Stage Three Lung Cancer. Throughout his treatment Summer talked openly on her blog about the ups and downs, the fear and the relief of good news. She also started a little letter campaign, most of us bloggers love snail mail, and she appealed to us all to write to her dad, just to cheer him up. {best idea ever I think!!}

Right now, Butch is undergoing precautionary brain radiation treatment, and it is hitting hard. Harder than any of the other treatments he has endured so far. Because of the treatment being so aggressive, and also the effect that the Oil Spill has had on Louisiana, Butch is out of work, and as you can imagine is struggling with the basics, not to metion all the added costs that come with being sick. So once again, Summer is calling on us to help out! Once again she has asked if we would take the time to write her Daddy a Card, and maybe this time, post a dollar too. {if you feel inclined and able!!} I mean really, whats a dollar? Or a few minutes to stop and write a card to honestly make someones day.

When Summer was asked about her daddy, her response was the sweetest ever.
"He's my Best Friend. Daddy loves music, all sweets (especially York Peppermint Patties), chewing gum, collecting old coins, restoring old cars, comfy socks, anything to make him more comfy during this tough time. He has two dogs that he adores more than anything. Well, not more than his fam. :) Oh and his favorite way to end a letter is by drawing a goofy smiley face with this quote-"like two fried eggs, keep your sunny side up.""

What inspires me even more about this story, is that for EVERY card or dollar that people donate to Butch, Summer is donating 1 hour of her time to do volunteer work in her community. {Um! Superwoman right there!} How amazing is that right? Seriously. And it got me thinking. And while right now, financially its a bit rough for me too, I just feel like there has to be something that I can do to help them out. I dont know why, but this story really got to me. And I have been thinking about it alot, so along with sending a card to Butch, I have decided to do a little bit more too.

Ya'll know about my Etsy Store Sparkle Online. Well, I have decided that the proceeds from three of my prints are going to go directly to Butch to help a little bit with the cost of things. It might not be much, but its something. And I also thought, hey, that way YOU can donate to this awesome cause, but still get something super delightful to hang in your home, or maybe give to a friend, to make their day. Yes? Yes!

So! The prints that are up for sale for this are...

The 'Where you Belong' Print

The 'All you need is Love' Print

The 'You're on my Mind' Print

They can all be found right here. More 'anatomy' based prints may be added to the store in the coming days...these will also be included in the promotion to help Summer and her Daddy out! For more information or if you have any questions about the donation Ill be making etc, feel free to email me at shewaitsforwhispers{at}ymail{dot}com or start a convo with me on Etsy! And in the mean time, while your deciding what Print to purchase, you should fill out a card, or a scribble on a postcard, or maybe even just put a post it note in an envelope and send it off to Butch... and if you can throw in a dollar bill, or maybe head over to paypal and send something that way to

Send all your loving right here!
Mr Butch Bailey
39865 Hwy. 75
Louisiana 70764
United State of America

You guys honestly... RULE!


  1. Tillie Stevens I love you. I'm going to get some money changed into American dollars and send it over xx

  2. Thanks for sharing this story. As soon as I read it, I donated a couple of dollars through PayPal. I can't imagine what Summer is going through, but I know I would be lost without my dad.
    x x

  3. Aw summer...she is such a sweetie. You are wonderful for doing this, Tillie!!

  4. hi ho. hi ho. how are yoooooo? haha!

    check out my post:


  5. I LOVE THAT YOU DID THIS! So sweet. Sent a card & some money to Mr. Bailey this week and it's so heartening that others are doing the same!

  6. Posting a note and mint pattie - thanks for passing this on to us Tillie. You rock!!

  7. aww such a sad great of you to spread the word!

  8. Oh, Tillie, you are such a sweetheart! I think it's wonderful that you're helping raise awareness for Summer's daddy:)