Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Back in 5

Impromptu Roadtrips are probably the best. I wont be gone for too long, but I am not sure when I will be back. I didnt have time to line up a guest blogger while I was away... but I thought, on a whim, how about YOU be my guest blogger. {Yip! You! Im looking at you!} Leave a comment telling me all about your favourite things to do in the Summer... What reminds you of this beautiful month? Whats the one thing you look forward to all winter long? I love the beach, cold beers on a hot day, picnics, flowers, warm nights, summer dresses and being able to just decide that you are going to take a little trip... I hope I can combine all those things over the next few days! Oh and a little birdy told me there is likely to be some little giveaways for a few of you who participate! So... what are you waiting for. Tell me your summer stories! I cant wait to read them!


  1. the beach routine.. lie on the sand until you think the heat will kill you, go run in the water, then lie back on the sand until you think the heat will kill you, go run in the water and it goes on and on.
    mashing up watermelon, freezing it, then blending into a delicious slushy.
    bush walks at the beach.
    going out for coffee every day.
    not working 6 days a week for 17 days of pure bliss.
    taking photos.
    the wedding season.
    the way everyone just seems like they know the world can be better place and they are full of hope, all because the sun showed up. xx

  2. I love hiking in the summer. We always hike the cliffs and look out over the ocean. Sometimes we hike above the harbor and watch the ships come in.

  3. You're too cute! I would love to do an impromptu road trip!

    Well, it's winter for me right now but my favorite things about summer are:
    -picnics with my guy
    -looking at the stars
    -going to the beach
    -taking photographs of beautiful flowers
    -eating watermelon and feeling the juice on your hands and not caring
    -taking pups outside at the SPCA
    -Visiting farmers markets

    Ah, I wish it was a tad warmer here!

  4. Ohh I am so craving summer right now...Its really cold here and its time for some sunshine:)
    Have a great day

  5. happy road tripping!!!! i love those, just not when it involves a move too :p but FINALLY FINALLY, i think we've settled down in our new home!!! oh tillie, i can't stop eating my little heart out on all the good authentic mexican spots here! you'll have to visit me when you come state-side again ;)

    please have fun and be safe! good tunes and crunchy cheetos are my go-to's :)

    it's freezing here in El Paso, and your faves of summer has me wishing for it even more!

    my faves:
    COLD BEER anytime ;)

    sitting outside on the back porch with my husband before bed and hearing the sounds of summer... the wind... crickets...

    summer movies! :)

    shorts and sandals-- any reason to get pedis!

    being poolside!

    and usually with the summer... holidays back home!

    YOU, i like!!!

    i miss you xoxoxo and can't wait to hear more of this trip of yours!!!