Saturday, January 1, 2011

Lets start over again

A whole month since I posted... Really? Man where did December go! I feel like it seriously should be about August 2010...Not January the 2nd 2011! But hey... Looks like the second half of last year escaped me completely. Maybe I need to have my eye more firmly on the ball so to speak? Or maybe, there were sneaky time travelling elves that just brought christmas and the new year up faster than it really was... {Im going with the second option I think!}

2010 was a big year for me. I returned from a huge overseas holiday, graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from one of this countries best {if not BEST} Universities, turned 21, I quit my job and moved cities, made new friends, reconnected with old ones, lost people I thought would be around forever, found crushes, broken hearts, partied alot, travelled a little, sold a car, brought a new one, joined the gym, and learnt alot! Im not going to lie, it has not been an easy one, by any stretch, but there have certainly been some amazing memories, and twenty ten proved to be, well, a year of growing. I think thats the best way to sum it up.

So. Heres to Twenty Eleven. Heres to the adventures, and the laughs. To the memories and the moments. Heres to spending the year doing what YOU want to do, seeing what YOU want to see, and living how YOU want to live. Heres to the friendships, the new, the old and the soon to be forgotten, to the lovers, and the haters. Heres to the new year, and most importantly, heres to you.



  1. I love this post Tillie~!
    Happy 2011 to you! I can't wait to read all about your adventures here! :)

  2. time has certainly passed by faster than anticipated. I'm going with your second option too :) can't wait for what 2011 will bring from you and from me. Happy New Year!