Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Eleven Things. Vol. 1

Isnt it funny how when the new year rolls around, people seem to have this thing about making lists of things they want to achieve, places they want to visit, or goals they want to complete. This whole New Years Resolution thing has always kinda got to me, I mean whats really so special about the 1st of January. Its just another group of 24 hours that makes up another day in the lives that we live. But, I suppose, New Year, New Expectation. New Hope. Well I want to have a new refreshed positive hope every month of this year, that we are calling twenty eleven. So there heres the thought {Another one... of the million that are rolling round in my head right now!} Eleven things, at the beginning of the month. It doesnt matter what the goals are, if they are general, or specific to that particular month. Just things that you want to achieve... Eleven things, for twelve months... thats 132 completed goals... well thats the theory at least! Each month Ill make a new header, and try to post in the first few days of the month... Sounds fun right? Well Here goes...

Eleven things. Vol. 1

1. Get back to the gym! Oh the holidays! Its the worse time. I wasn't on my best behaviour, but I knew I wasnt going to be. So I am determined that I will get back into my gym routine in the next couple of weeks!

2. Find a part time job for when I start school on the 14th of February. Goodness knows Im going to need the extra income.

3. Send letters to my pen friends! I have been THE WORST pen pal ever over the last few months. But I really miss sending and recieving mail! I have so much stationary and I want to use it! So that means letters for you my loves! Yay!

4. Finish reading the Keith Richards biography that I got for christmas. Man that dude is cool.

5. Not miss one day of my Changing Perspectives. Getting back into the routine of taking photos everyday is proving to be a little bit tricky this year! I need to kick my butt into action and not leave it till late at night!

6. Be patient. This applies to a lot of things I guess, and will be something I need to apply to the whole year ahead. Patient in friendships, in relationships, with people in general and with myself. Things will work out. I just have to give it a bit of time.

7. Remember that even though times get rough, times can be really good too. I guess this is about being optimistic. Im working on it, even though the natural tendancy is to find the negative.

8. Maintain my blog! This is another year long one! I wanna host most giveaways, more swaps and even some guest posts! I have so many ideas, its about kicking it into action.

9. Finish the cross stitch that has sat incomplete in my craft box for about 6 months. There is only a tiny bit to go, and then it will be done. I really want to finish it.

10. Stay on top of my bills. Another year long one, but something that is super stressful. Coming out of chirstmas and new years, my money seems to be evaporating! So working out what I need vs. what I want. And how to manage those little things that seem to cost so much!

11. Spend at least 2 afternoons every week this month out in sun. Whether it be just going for a little walk, or spending the day at the beach at the end of my road. I want to soak up the rays and spend some quality time with the sun.

So heres to something new... All of them are doable, I HOPE!! {hehe} I guess we will see in February how I went with it all! If you want to join in {and I totally think you should!} leave a link in the comments so that I can read what you want to achieve in the next 30 days, or maybe in the next 365 days!


  1. I think these are fabulous goals! And I believe in you, you will accomplish all of them!

    Keith Richards book looks amazing! SO jealous that you got it for Christmas! :).

  2. We have some of the same goals this year, especially the mail and blog related ones.

  3. I have alot of the same goals - gym, blog and writing definitely all achievable.

  4. Aaah lucky you have 2 hours of sun a week that you could potentially spend in.. ok that is a terrible sentence, but my point is i live in seattle. not thinking we'll see two hours of sun maybe more than once every couple months until this summer. BOO.