Saturday, January 15, 2011

Sweet Adventures.

1. Rolling hills on the way to the beach. 2. A view, and a sign. 3. Ice cold beer. 4. A quick game of boogle or two. 5. Baking in the sun. Im starting to get brown!! 6. Waking up to paradise. 7. Beautiful beach, beautiful sky. 8. Its true. I love you! 9. Oh what a view.

It was so nice to go on a wee holiday, we decided that morning we would leave, packed a bag, and left. After a wee drive south, out of the city and down the coast, we ended up at the most perfect beach, with white sand, blue sky, a few boxes of beer and a good book. It was bliss. 3 Days later we decided to come home, but when we arrived back in the big city, it just didnt feel quite right being there. So we took off again. This time up north. Four hours later and we were at the very top of the north island, enjoying once again, the sun, the sand, and the beauty that my little country has to offer. Its little trips like these ones, that make me realise even though I often catch myself daydreaming of all the places I want to travel and the countries that I want to meet, I am pretty fortunate to live in one of the most beautiful places in the world.


  1. This sounds absolutely delightful. Pretty sure there's nothing better than spontaneous trips!

  2. I love spontaneous trips! And this one looks absolutely perfect! :).

  3. sounds beautiful. so true though, i always dream of others places but forget how amazing this country is, it's nice to go and explore every summer. i've been missing your blogs xx