Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Quick! Behind the Sofa...*Giveawayyyy*

Okay, so im not organising a suprise party...but I am organising...well, hosting, a suprise of sorts. Thats right, Im celebrating 150 followers. Wow! Who would have thought, that anyone would want to read what I have to say! Haha. Well look at that, turns out some of you do, and I feel so very blessed by the fact that I have made some truely amazing friends through this little blog of mine. yay! So, I thought, Lets have a giveaway. Why not right. But then I thought, Why not make it a giveaway with a twist. A twist is always good right? A twist of lime in a GnT, A twist on the dance floor, a twist in this giveaway.

So. Its going to remain a secret. Yup. Ill give you some clues as to the gifts I am going to include, but you see, I wont reveal the final product until after the winner has been selected. That makes it fun right? I think so! Okie Doke... well here is how you can enter... You have to be a follower of this blog in order to win! {This is a thank you to my loves, but of course all you new friends are loved to! So follow away and enter the draw!} That goes for all the entries then there are 3 ways you can enter the giveaway.

1. Leave a comment with your name, email address and tell me where you would be and what you would be doing if you could be anywhere in the world at this very moment.
2. For an extra entry... leave a comment with your guess as to what might be in this mystery prize! Correspond your guesses with the numbers of the clues... kinda like a crossword I guess! If you get 4 things right, you will get an extra entry into the draw. {I will delete your messages so no one else can cheat! But keep count of how many entries you have!!} Oh and leave me your email address.
3. Oh, and one more entry you can blog about this giveaway and leave a link with your email address in a comment

(Have you got the hint, that if you dont leave an email address your entry wont count?! I hope so! hehe)

Now... Onto the fun bit... The clues...

1. Decorate your cervical vertabrae with an ornament of the sparkley variety.
2. Im usually coupled with an arrow, some sheep or under a mans chin.
3. Im 100% natural, protect from the sun, a little bit waxy and moisturise like no ones business.
4. Unlike #3 Im not practical in any sense. Im shiny, sticky and see through.
5. Produced from seeds, bitter, sweet or sickly?
6. Just add a pen, a stamp and a friend.
7. Who knows what it will contain, its all round and shiny and holds a true love of mine.
8. dont hang out the washing, pick something much prettier.
9. Pin me up, oh you pretty lady!
I was born in 1935, I generally live in the cold, and Im a delightful shade of a fruit.

Confused? Or maybe you will creep right into my brain and be able to work them all out! You have two weeks to think about this! The giveaway is going to close on the 9th of June {my time}... So thats the evening of the 8th for all you americans out there!

OOOOOH! And you only have 4 more days to enter the Package Swap. Go on, you know you want too!


  1. Oh I love a good mystery. You have me so stumped! There are two places I'd love to be. Either with my brother Karim and his family on their 6 week vacation in Africa or with my other brother Aneez and his family in Basingstoke, England. Wherever anyone in my family may be is always where I want to be.

    Happy night sweet Tillie...

  2. I would love to be lying on a tropical beach somewhere, listening to some great music, and with a fruity drink in my hand! In fact, I'd do pretty much anything for that right now, especially since the school year is drawing to a close and grading finals and assigning grades is so stressful. :|



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  5. hey i would love to be in new zealand right now as i have lots of family over there that i haven't seen for a couple of years, oh and i would do a bit of sunbathing while i'm at it, get away from all my exams :)

    gem xx


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  7. I would be in New Zealand because I just want to be surrounded by snow capped mountains tops always in a backcountry hut with my best friends, a woodfire and a cup of tea :)


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  9. If I could be anywhere in the world right now I would be in Paris, drinking a hot cup of mocha at a street cafe and watching the world go by, sounds a bit cliche doesnt it? LOL


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  11. I love a good riddle!

    If I could be anywhere right this moment, I would wisk away Mr. Engineer and put us on a boat in Cape Cod to see the whales. I hope we can go do this sometime this summer (original plans fell through).


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  14. lol in my first comment I forgot to tell you where I'd be... it's the place I'm going in 3 days, known as Ledges Quarry Park, the most beautiful place in my neck of the woods. Has a natural spring that is always warm, lovely wooded trails & a HUGE party.


  15. if I could be anywhere right now, I'd be having an Ireland adventure with my wonderful boyfriend Mathew :) I'd never been there but if money wasn't an issue I would be there as soon as possible.


  16. I would love to be somewhere in Europe touring with my boyfriend and my other friends eating all the specialties of each country and visiting all the beautiful monuments in a cute yellow car.


  17. If I could be anywhere in the world in this moment it would be skiing at Portillo in Chile. Yup, definitely. My email is jderaspebolles@gmail.com - and I am a new follower of yours.

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  19. Just made my way over here after seeing your amazing word art on the mix cd you made Megan, knew this would be a catch of a blog.

    If I could be anywhere in the world right now I would be at a retro diner eating ice cream sundaes and pancakes with my closest friends and family. I really wouldn't care about location as long as they could all be there.

    :) ebby_brooke@hotmail.com

  20. If I could be anywhere right now, it would be with my japanese sister. It would be wonderful to visit her in Japan!

    I love this idea of mysterious giveaway.. ;)

    xx Sophie


  21. Oh wow, Tillie! What a super creative idea!

    If I could be anywhere right now, I'd be at the spa getting a massage and facial!


  22. Bella Donna


    I would be in Paris eating pastries!

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  24. I posted a blog post! http://bellasowls.blogspot.com/2010/05/she-waits-for-whispers-giveaway.html

  25. How fun! If I could be anywhere...I'd be at a cafe in Paris with my best friends, eating lots of cheese and drinking lots of wine. :) I'm a follower!

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  27. I would be in NYC [my favouritest city in the whole wide world], drinking ice cold cocktails laughing at his silly jokes. Looking at one another, thinking about the way his eyes look, the way he gets so nervous and goes a subtle shade of rose when he looks at me. The way he gets excited. I would feel my heart beating slowly through my chest. I would be giddy with excitement...I would be ridiculously happy. Like I always am when I'm near him. This is where I want to be right now!

    You have me oh so stumped with your clues! Whether I win or not is unimportant, I just want to work out the clues now!!! :-) xxx

    P.S. ezgio(at)hotmail(dot)co(dot)uk

  28. Oh exciting! I think I'd stay right where I am, watching tv with my lovely boy, baby snug in bed and fast asleep (!!!!)...


  29. Oh and my guesses
    1. necklace
    2. bow (tie?)
    3. lip balm
    4. lip gloss
    5. chocolate? coffee?
    6. envelopes
    7. locket
    8. decorative pegs
    9. a mirror
    10. stumped... something orange?

    So, not sure if I'll pass with any of those guesses...

    stafish6 (at) hotmail (dot) com

  30. Hey enter me in this one :D I think the best place to be right now is somewhere warm and exotic with all the people I love just relaxing.

  31. I like the idea of this being a suprise!

    1. Necklace
    2. A bow
    3. Moisturiser
    4. Lipgloss
    5. Chocolate
    6. Stationary
    7. Pass
    8. Pass
    9. One of your gorgeous prints
    10. And thanks to a bit of sleuthing is the last one lifesavers???


  32. I just found your blog and became a follower. What a great idea for a giveaway! If I could be anywhere right now I would be on a cruiseship, somewhere on the warmer side of the world, chilling out eating tropical fruit and drinking cocktails.
    I am totally clueless about what the giveaway could be.

  33. chelsseeeeaaa!

    oh goodness if i could be anywhere i think i would have to go to paris.. under the eiffel tower with a pain au chocolat in hand and enjoying it all with michael buble? or michael cera! i'll take either of them.. OR BOTH! hahaha!

  34. this is seriously TOO FUN!!!
    i love a good mystery!!

    okay one of my guesses is that a fabulous miss sparkle poster is included? perhaps? HOPEFULLY!!

    i'll guess i'll have to wait and find out!


    oh so i guess... 1. miss sparkle poster!
    3. a BAG? or tote?

  35. I FOLLOW!! YAY! :)
    I would want to be in France sitting outside at a cafe sipping delicious coffee and taking it all in!

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  37. I would be backpacking around Europe with my two best friends, having all kinds of crazy adventures! (:


  38. here go my guesses:
    1. necklace
    2. bow
    3. lip balm
    4. gloss
    5. chocolate
    6. stationary
    7. a locket
    8. no idea
    9. no idea
    10. no idea


  39. I would like to be in my beloved Canada more than anywhere else. How i miss it. I would be in a Taco Bell that sells a certain item i ate as a kid.
    Thanks for the giveaway! I love the clues - they're so full of imagery :)

  40. 1. Necklace
    2. Bow
    3. Chapstick of some sort
    4. Lip gloss
    5. Chocolate?
    6. Stationery
    7. Something that can hold a keepsake... a locket or box of some sort?
    8. dont hang out the washing, pick something much prettier.
    9. A hair ornament?
    10. A pink item of clothing for the winter? that was a very far-out guess haha.

  41. i love a good giveaway and a good surprise! if i could be anywhere right now i'd be in my old home town {grand rapids michigan} with some friends and family.


  42. 1. jewelry
    2. some kind of bow
    3. chapstick
    4. shiny lip gloss
    5. chocolate
    6. a card
    7. unknown
    8. funky clothespin
    9. a pinup lady print
    10. orange mittens! no, i don't know...


  43. Following now, and would so rather be on a nice beach or at a spa today :)